9 Ways to Stay Safe When Hiring Out Your Stuff Hire It All | South Africa's #1 Online Hire and Rental Marketplace

Safety Tips

1. Always meet in public places and take a friend along for your own safety.

2. A security deposit or ID is a great way of ensuring that an item borrowed is always returned.

3. If the item that you are hiring out is far too large to transport to a public area then only should you take people home. First meet the person that you are hiring out to in a public place e.g. the nearest service station/garage or mall, determine if they can be trusted, then have them follow you home.

4. Always put valuables away when having people come over to your premises especially the smaller items such as cellphones, ipads, laptops, tablets, jewellery etc.

5. Try and have the items that are for hire in your home kept either in a garage, outdoors or as close to the entrance as possible in order to avoid people scouting the entire contents of your home.

6. Should borrowers come with more than one person ensure that they stay together and do not leave them unattended on your premises as extra people could steal/mark items of value within your home.

7. Use your judgement when allowing people to use restrooms at your premises as some people do use this excuse as an opportunity to scout the contents of your house/premises, it is a good idea to direct anyone to the nearest public restrooms in your area.

8. It is best to accept cash as payment. Bank transfers (EFT's), cheques etc. do take some time to clear and cannot always be trusted. If payment has been done via a bank deposit etc. please ensure that the money has been cleared.. Do check your bank account before releasing any goods. Don't just trust a SMS from the bank stating that the money has been paid into your account (this can sometimes be a hoax). Always check your bank account!

9. Always be alert during negotiations with anybody. Don't get so caught up in negotiations that you are oblivious to potential dangers. Always ensure that you are aware of your surroundings.


Stay Safe and Happy Hiring from the Hire It All team! :)